One of the perks of being a member of the Streak community is that you get regular feature updates and new indicators. Streak already has over 120 indicators, making it one of the most feature-rich strategy creation platforms available. Let us all take advantage of the fresh releases. In this piece, we’ll look at the top five indicators from the most recent releases.

1) Candle Time Indicator:

This indicator lets you check conditions or trade at a particular time. For example, you can use the following conditions if you want to take trades only on a Wednesdays : 

Candle Time indicator condition
Image 1: Candle Time indicator condition

With the first line of condition, I have specified that trading should take place only on the third day of the week, i.e. Wednesday, and the second condition is the indicator condition. You can check the indicator condition on any timeframe of Wednesday, i.e. 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, and so on.

Similarly, we can fix the time to any hour or minute of the day as well. Eg. : 

With this condition, I have defined that the condition should be checked only on the 10:15-11:15 1 hour candle. For more help on this, you can contact us. I have shared the contact details in the end.

2) OI Moving Average Indicator: 

OI Moving Average Indicator
Image 2: OI Moving Average Indicator

Open Interest is a very popular indicator used by futures and options traders. If you want to learn about Open Interest, you can refer to my recent article here ,where I have explained Open Interest in depth. OI Moving Average is an overlay over the standard OI. The way you apply moving averages to the price chart, you can apply moving averages on other indicators as well. You can use it to smoothen the OI data and also to generate signals.

Generating signals with OI crossing the moving average: 

  1. Two Moving Averages to create OI MA crossover strategies 
  2. Generating signals with OI crossing the moving average
  3. Two Moving Averages to create OI MA crossover strategies
Image 3: Open Interest Strategy Example on Futures and Options

3)  Camarilla Pivot Points Indicator:

Camarilla Pivot Points Indicator
Image 3: Camarilla Pivot PointsIndicator

A UK based bond trader named Nick Stott introduced this indicator in 1989. Camarilla Pivot Point is an extension of the standard pivot point indicator. Streak provides four support and four resistance levels with the Camarilla Pivot Points indicator. Camarilla Pivot points are much more closely packed as compared to other types of pivot points. As the levels are tightly packed, it is more suitable for less volatile markets.

4) Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator:

Image 4: Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator

Doug Schaff, a currency trader, developed this indicator in 1999. Every trader focuses on entering and exiting a trend very early but it is difficult to achieve using the lagging indicators. Schaff Trend Cycle is an oscillator that focuses on reducing lag which is introduced by most of the indicators. It is a combination of MACD and Stochastics indicators.

As it derives qualities of both these indicators, it is able to reduce whipsaws in the trending markets and provide quicker responses. A drawback to STC is that it can stay in overbought or oversold territory for long stretches of time.

5) Klinger volume oscillator Indicator:

Image 5: Klinger volume oscillator Indicator

This indicator is an oscillator that combines both price and volume data. Using both these data, the indicator is able to predict price reversals. It consists of Kinger line and Kinger signal line. The Kinger signal line is usually 13 EMA of the Kinger line. It looks very similar to MACD and the signals are also very similar. The indicator also consists of an histogram that measures the separation between the Klinger and the Signal lines.


In this article, I have discussed the top five indicators which we have recently released. All the indicators are from different classes of indicators, you can use them to develop your trading strategies as well as scanners on the Streak platform. If you require any help, you can contact us at [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information provided is solely for educational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell, or otherwise deal in investments.