We recently released a new version of Streak (read more here), and we are happy to see a great response from clients about it.

Some users may encounter problems when they try to log in to Streak. This is because your browser might have cached old site code and is not loading the latest version (version 4) and loops to version 3(especially in chrome).

In case your browser is still running the old version(V3) or not clearing the cache automatically, please use the following steps to resolve this.

  1. Hard refresh clearing the cache , short cut for this is CNTRL+SHIFT+R (windows) or press Ctrl+F5. You can refer this link
  2. If this is not resolved, you can follow the instructions in the attached links to clear your browser chache. (Chrome) (Firefox)
  3. If this is still not resolved, you need to follow the steps shown in the attached vide

After this when you refresh, you should see the new version website.

In case your Android app is giving login issues, it might be running an old version of code cached in mobile webview.

Please follow one of the below steps and it will resolve it:

  1. Unintall the Streak mobile app
  2. Go to Android setting and clear your Playstore cache (Link)
  3. Clear your Chrome cahe (Link)
  4. Open Playstore and install the latest mobile app

After this just open the Streak mobile app and log in with your credentials