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Browser Notification

The first time you login to Streak website, the web browser asks your permission to allow browser notification. Please allow the notification, else you won’t be getting any alerts on your system when the strategy condition is met.

Sample Strategies

Users can check the sample strategies provided on the dashboard to understand the working of indicators and how to use them. Streak is not responsible for any profits/losses occurred after deploying sample strategies in the market.

Strategy alerts

Once the strategy is live and an alert is generated based on the conditions in the strategy, our systems attempt to deliver the alert to the user over the internet. By using this service, the user acknowledges they understand that the alerts’ delivery is dependent on many factors such as the internet connection of the user, location, time of the day, server load, data availability etc.
We recommend users to be logged in to, keep it open in their browser and maintain a fast uninterrupted internet connection to their devices to see the best alerts delivery.
Streak relies on  third party services for market data eg. Kite (Zerodha Trading Platform) for ticks, OHLCV etc.  If these services are down due to unforeseen circumstances or experience a down time due to various technical / non technical issues, Streak might not be able to generate and deliver the actionable alerts on time or at all.

Once a signal is generated, we try to send this signal to the user’s device over the internet. The delivery of these alerts are subject to network conditions of the user, internet services and technical issues.

Accurate and complete real-time price data is critical for the success of strategyrithmic trading. Our service providers or systems that provide data could experience failures, errors, lag, and latency which could result in missing, incorrect, or stale market data leading to no/wrong signals(alert) while triggering an alert.

All actionable order alerts are read-only market order alerts, where with a single click the user can send the order to the exchange. The actionable order alerts are made read-only in order to obtain consistency in the deployed and backtest results and to avoid any drastic increase in risk. If on any scrip / instruments such as Stock, Futures, Currency Futures etc., there is high volatility due to news based or non news based or any speculative events / positions, Streak is not responsible for higher slippages. You understand that volatility is the nature of the market.

Upon clicking on buy/sell on the order window, based on users network speed, a network latency can be experienced and any rapid clicks on the buy/sell button through same or different windows can lead to multiple order placements. Users take full responsibility on making sure the actions on the notifications are their own actions and are fully aware of their positions and strategy status when clicking on the buy/sell button.

Strategy deployment cycle / Strategy Cycle

The strategy cycle  Entry and respective exit of an strategy is defined as an strategy cycle.
Once an strategy is deployed, the stocks are periodically tracked based on the conditions in the strategy. The periodicity with which the market is tracked is the same as the candle interval selected by the user while backtesting the strategy and shown in the strategy summary before deployment. An strategy’s ideal life cycle and the tree of events that can occur during an strategy’s life cycle, called an “strategy cycle”, has been explained below:
1. Waits for the first entry event as per the entry condition in the deployed section.
2. Once the entry event occurs, a entry signal (buy/sell) is triggered and an actionable alert is sent to the user.
3. The user can choose to act on the alert by clicking buy/sell or choose to ignore the alert and cancel it (cancelling from the notification window will terminate the strategy).
4. If the user has clicked on buy/sell in the alert, a market order is sent to the exchange (NSE).
5. The order will either be successfully placed by the exchange or it might get rejected due to reasons such as insufficient capital, etc. If the order gets rejected by the exchange, the strategy gets terminated. Streak does not verify the margin requirement, Kite determines the margin requirement as all orders are placed on Kite.
6. After the successful placement of an order, the strategy immediately triggers an SL-M order. This is a STOP LOSS order which the user can place or cancel. Canceling this order will NOT terminate the strategy and your positions will be open and if your Stop Loss is triggered later , then a notification is sent again to the user. (If you have already placed the SL-M order then if the SL hits first then this order will get executed and position is closed).
7. The strategy continues to track the stock waiting for the exit signal (SL or TP) or exit condition. Based on the entry price and the SL and TP percentages entered by the user, the SL and TP prices are calculated which are displayed to the user in the Deployed Page Subsection ENTERED.
8. When the SL/TP price occurs or if the exit condition is met, whichever occurs first, an actionable notification is sent to the user again. The user can then chose to act on it by clicking buy/sell or choose to ignore the alert and cancel it (cancel will terminate the strategy).  Note:  If you cancel the SL or TP alert from the notification/alerts page the strategy gets terminated. However, if you cancel the notification or alert from the order log in deployed page, the strategy is not terminated.
9. If the user has clicked on buy/sell in the alert, a market order is sent to the exchange (NSE) and the strategy’s life cycle is now complete.
10. The “strategy cycle” sequence defined above is an ideal sequence and is subject to market conditions and user behaviour. Based on the user’s action or market conditions, the sequence might not completely occur in the same way as it is intended to, since this sequence may have been interrupted due to various reasons such as, the user stopping the strategy, order rejection by the exchange, network lag, network error etc.
11. For both intraday and overnight strategies, the strategy cycle has to be defined by the user during deployment. Depending on the number of strategy cycles, the strategy moves to a ‘complete’ state and is stopped.
12. Margins are not blocked till the user acts on the actionable alerts (buy/sell) and the order is sent to the exchange.
13.The strategy can be stopped by the user at any time in the life cycle of the strategy by clicking on the “Stop” button. If the strategy has not entered a position, it will be directly stopped otherwise the user will be presented with an option to either stop the strategy by keeping the positions open or to exit positions at market and stop the strategy. The strategy will no longer be tracked and no further alerts will be sent to the user for the respective strategy.
14. In cases where the user stops the strategy and chooses to keep positions open, the responsibility of closing any and all positions is solely on the user, and user will get no alerts for that deployed instrument once the strategy is stopped.  
15. For order type MIS, all strategies will be stopped at 3:20 PM (4:30 PM for currency futures) and the open positions, if any, will be squared off by the respective broker (example, Zerodha) before market close and charges for closure by kite is applied
16. All actionable order alerts sent to the user can be used only once and will be active for only 5 minutes after which the alert expires in the notification/ alerts section. However, these alerts are actionable in the order log section of the Deployed Page.
17. All actionable alert orders are market orders and users can expect price variation from the price at which the alert was triggered to the price at which the the order is placed. Slippages are expected to occur.
18. If the user’s order is rejected due to various reasons such as shortage of funds, circuit limit hit, no liquidity in market, etc, the strategy will be stopped and no further alerts will be sent for that strategy. This is done in order to avoid unnecessary tracking of instruments where the order placement failed. However, the user can deploy the strategy again and take action on any new alerts that get generated.
Currency futures  You can create, backtest and deploy currency futures in Streak. Each quantity corresponds to 1 lot size i.e, 1000. MIS strategies will be stopped at 4:30 PM and open positions, if any will be squared off.